Piedmont CA drainage contractorAfter years of little rain in Piedmont, homeowners have not had to think too much drainage around their homes. Unfortunately, drought has caused soil has become more compact, and therefore less porous for water absorption. The heavy rainfall expected in an El Nino year will bring they kind of water that can undermine the home’s foundation. Hiring a great Piedmont Drainage Contractor might just save your home from damage this year.

The importance of proper drainage cannot be understated.

A drainage system is designed to move water safely away from your home. Homes on slopes run the risk of soil erosion which exposes foundations and undermines structures, leaving it vulnerable to slides. Homes in flat areas could risk flooding from too much standing water which seeps into walls and basements leading to damp and mold.

Do you recognize the signs of poor drainage?

Standing water next to the house that just won’t drain, water stains in the basement, cracks in the foundation, flaking or mineral deposits on basement walls, even mildew under the eaves could be a sign of moisture traveling up through the house and condensing in the attic. Pay attention, when you water the yard, do gullies form in the mulch as water runs off your landscape? All of these could be signs that your home has poor drainage.

super service awardControlling water with a proper drainage installation will save your home from expensive damage. Carty Construction has had years of experience (in Oakland, Piedmont, Berkeley), winning awards on Angie’s list for service. Our drainage specialist will come to your home to assess your unique drainage needs.

We can determine the best way for homes on a hillside need to have water drained away safely to prevent undermining and structural sliding without causing damage to homes below you. And if you have a home downhill, you want to be sure that water from above drains around your home, and not through it.

Home values in the Bay Area have skyrocketed. Your home is a valuable investment. Don’t let the rains put you underwater. Repairing a foundation is expensive and inconvenient. The right drainage system will save you money and headache. Protect your home and property by calling Carty Construction for a drainage evaluation today.

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