East Bay Real Estate Drainage Inspections

We provide drainage inspections for real estate agents and home buyers for fee of $350.00 if you end up buying the property the inspection fee will be credited off the price of the job.

The slope of your property is important to proper drainage, if the land slopes toward the building, you will end up with standing water that damages walls and foundations. Poor drainage leads to mold, damaged walls, even an undermined foundation or flooded basement. Repairs for these issues could cost thousands of dollars.

Call Carty Construction to Inspect your Drainage BEFORE You Buy

Our Real Estate Drainage Inspections will let you know the exact condition of the ground water drainage system in the property you wish to purchase. Carty Construction will examine the property to insure that any ground water is properly channeled away from any structures. We also inspect roof gutter systems, to make sure that rain water runoff is collected and guided away from the structure.

Knowing the condition of the ground water runoff system of your planned purchase can give you the information you need to either budget for future repairs and maintenance, or even bargain for a better price. Whether you are a private homeowner or a professional Real Estate Agent, call Carty Construction at (510)528-1565 for a drainage inspection, and you won’t be surprised by a disaster. There is a fee for this service.

Real Estate Drainage Inspections

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