According to scientific reports, an El Nino is headed our way this year. El Nino is a weather system related to the warming of the Pacific Ocean with causes the jet stream to shift south. What does this mean for the homeowner? In California, much needed warm rains are headed our way. However, these rains could send dry California from drought to flood. You need to prepare yourself and your home for the onslaught of rains.

How Can You Improve Your Home’s Drainage?
el nino rains drainage systemsMake sure gutters are clear. Leaves, dirt, sticks and other debris can clog up the drains and gutters causing them to back up and malfunction. Gutters on your home are designed to take the water from your roof and move it safely away from the home so that it doesn’t cause damage. Clogged gutters mean that the water looks for another way off the roof, and could even find its way into the walls and ceilings of your home.

Good drainage is vital to the protection of your home. The drainage system is designed to move water away from the foundation of your home, to protect it from damage. Water causes erosion and mold. If the drainage system is malfunctioning or blocked, water can back up into the home causing expensive problems. Puddles or standing water around your home are a good indication the drainage system is not working properly. The system should be checked and cleared of debris and root invasion. Or a new and more efficient system should be installed by qualified experts like Carty Construction. Also, loose debris must be cleared from your yard so it doesn’t clog drains when the wind and rain start. If you have a basement, you should have a sump pump installed to keep it dry. Of course, if you already have a sump pump, it needs to be tested to insure that it is in working order. Damp or flooded basements lead to property damage, or mold which can cause illness.

el nino rains

Homes on a slope, need extra consideration. Is the slope properly protected from erosion? Does the water run down or across the slope? Water should be controlled with a drainage system so that it doesn’t go straight down the slope and into your home, or tear away the slope leaving your home vulnerable to a slide. One way to check if a slope has good drainage is to dig a hole about the size for planting something. Fill the hole with water. If the hole drains in 2- 3 hours, the drainage is good. If the hole doesn’t drain, it’s a problem, and the hillside drainage needs to be addressed by a professional like Carty Construction.

Your home is a precious investment. El Nino rains are coming, and the best time to prepare and protect it from the onslaught of water is now. Don’t wait until the hills start to slide or your basement fills with water to call for help. Call Carty Construction for a drainage inspection today.

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