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Having good drainage is important in a city like Berkeley. While most of the year it is dry, there can be quite a bit of water run off during the winter rains. Much of the city is built on hills and slopes, and the water flows downhill. Older houses with basements are especially susceptible to flooding. And all homes can get flooded yards, damaged walls, or undermined retaining walls. Having good drainage is essential to insure your home is safe from water damage.

Carty Construction specializes in drainage in the city of Berkeley. First, we inspect your residential or commercial property to determine the best solution to your drainage problem, whether it is too much run-off, standing water or water seeping into your basement, we will come up with a reasonable fix.

Your home depends on a strong foundation. Standing water can undermine the foundation and cause very expensive damage to the home. With the proper drainage, water will be guided to where it can safely be drained away. Waterproofing the foundation is an added level of protection that we provide to keep the foundation from crumbling under your home.

Excess water is a problem for homes in Berkeley with basements. Too much moisture leads to mold which will not only destroy the integrity of the walls, but it could also cause serious illness.  Waterproofing the basement walls can help alleviate this problem.  If the basement is below the water table, we will also install a sump pump and drains to remove any water that might seep in.

Keeping water away from your home is the first line of defense. Carty Construction also installs French Drains, a gravel filled trench that safely drains water away from the home. By capturing water that flows onto your property and diverting it, the foundation and basement will not be exposed to excess moisture.

Don’t let your home be damaged by water. Berkeley Drainage Systems Installation

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