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Standing water in your basement or around your home’s foundation can lead to serious damage. If you are looking for an East Bay Drainage company to eliminate standing water, call Carty Construction Inc. Carty Construction is a reputable licensed contractor with over 25 years of experience in installing and repairing French Drains, your best line of defense against damage from standing water.

Contact Carty Construction for an appointment, and a free estimate. After assessing the problem, their professional crew will take care of the job for you in a timely and professional manner.

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  • What is a French Drain? A French Drain is essentially a trench filled with gravel or rock. Inside is a perforated pipe that guides water away from the area. Generally they are installed around foundations, to prevent water damage to a home, or along retaining walls, to relieve pressure from ground water.
  • Who Needs a French Drain? Do you have standing water around your home after rain?  Is your basement damp, or are you finding water in your basement? This water and dampness can lead to foundation damage or mold. Avoid these larger problems by having a French Drain installed.
  • French Drains for Septic Systems If your home has a septic tank, a French Drain will safely disperse the water from the holding tank.
  • Why Call Carty Construction to Install a French Drain? Carty Construction has had over 25 years of professional experience installing and repairing French Drains in the East Bay. They will work efficiently to insure that the foundation of your home is safe from water damage.
  • Installing Sump Pumps If your home is on flat ground, you may need to include a Sump Pump in the plans for your French Drain installation. Carty Construction will assess your property, advise you whether you need to add a sump pump, and then install the right pump for your needs
  • Green Uses for French Drains Your new French Drain can easily be designed to channel water to a designated place in your yard, where it can be used for watering a garden or filling a decorative pond.
  • Clogged French Drains Are your drains more than 10 years old and getting clogged? Call Carty Construction to inspect, clear or repair your French Drain System to keep it in optimal working condition before the rainy season begins.

Carty Construction Inc is the company to call in the East Bay for all of your drainage needs. Our professional staff will insure that your home is safe from water or moisture damage. You worked hard for your home, let Carty Construction work hard to help you protect it.

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